American Academy of Pediatrics

The Project

Assisted in the creation and design of the "Mobile Helping Babies Breath (MHBB)" application in collaboration with Indiana University and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Helping Babies Breathe is a global effort to reduce neonatal mortality in developing countries through health information systems and personalized training to nurses.

My role working in a team was to synthesize the needs of health care trainers in Kenya with the development of an android application. This acted as a platform for the training of nurses on how to perform a resuscitation process in the case of a baby suffering neonatal asphyxiation. Additionally, I worked in a team to develop a sister application, a data collection system to be connected to the American Medical Association providing insights to "dark zones" on data collection agencies for hospitals in developing countries.

Primary tasks involved developing a suitable interface for nurses in developing countries and empathizing with users by actively engaging in the real world training the nurses will go through. Developed a suitable application by conjoining and organizing low fidelity wireframes together with other team members to synthesize core user needs before personally developing high fidelity prototypes. Additionally assisted programming in Java for features related to video playback via internet and downloaded media.