Hi I'm Taylor and well, if you're here you probably are asking me the question we've all been asked in our professional lives, "what makes you, you?".

Regardless of whether I was laying on asphalt drilling holes into bleachers for my first job, or hunched over a dimly lit computer screen at 2 am programming an application, the answer to that question always comes back to the love of my life, learning. I firmly believe anything I want to do in my life can be accomplished with enough time and dedication to understand and appreciate it. My love of technology has become an incredible extension of this desire as a result, particularly in the fields of Design, HCI, and Programming.

I love to craft applications and websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and reliable to the everyday consumer. In addition, I am deeply attached to HCI and I strive to create products that share a global quality experience for all people. Finally, my programming experience has allowed me to understand potential implementation and process of making these ideals come to life.


  • Unity, C#, and Vuforia

  • Javascript

  • JSON and "NoSQL" Databases

  • Jquery and Javascript Associated Libraries

  • Adobe Creative Suite And Cloud

  • PHP and MYSQL Database Structures

  • HTML and CSS including Media Queries

  • SASS and LESS

  • Microsoft Office Suite





Let's Build A Better World Together.

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